Episode 5 He is E You are I

Episode Five He is E You are I

The mysteries surrounding these recordings continues but it seems we are starting to gain ground on figuring out some of the component parts.

In this week’s episode we are presented with the long-winded, sometimes rambling explanation of what the speaker calls the “parts of man.” From the molecule to the gonad it seems as if all of experienced reality is explained in a way that explains nothing at all. Yet, upon listening to this recording we find the speaker mentioning a representation of “God” which is referenced as “E”; this in turn takes us back to the mysteries presented in Episode 3 “He Knows All About You” where we find the words “He” and “E” being used interchangeably. The only markings on the reel is a piece of masking tape with reads, December 4th 1952 and it just so happens that in 1952 is a significant date to answer some of the mysteries we’ve been wondering about. Also made more interesting are the recordings of channeling sessions found in Reel Lost Episodes 1 and 2 which were made in Arizona and this too perhaps helps to answer, or perhaps deepen, some of the questions which have been asked by listeners. These reels are long and winding but perhaps some answers are coming forth. In my comments after the recordings I reveal the startling facts about what you will have just listen to in this episode.

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