Episode 9 The UFO Attorney

Reel Lost The UFO Attorney

UFO or URO? We all know that people claim to see unidentified flying objects but what you are experiencing in this podcast are mostly unidentified recorded objects. Over the last few months I’ve attempted to recover quite a number of the ever-degrading reels in my possession and in doing so have fallen down a rabbit hole of ever increasing high-strangeness. The episode was almost completely unlistenable but I did indeed figure out what it was, and in doing so, was able to track down a version which was palatable for the ear. So , to kick us back into the swing of things it is presented here for your continued enjoyment. It is becoming clearer than many of these tapes have a commonality and that it has something to do with either cults, mind-control or both. The next episode will now be so easy to listen to. The quality of the upcoming recordings are difficult to understand and in many instances, frightening. You’ve been warned.

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