Episode 2 Channeling Her Health 1966

Episode 2 Channeling Her Health

When you grab a random, unlabeled, reel-to-reel tape out of a box you never know what you’re going to get. Strangely enough this episode features a channeling session for Virginia Welch, the wife of Owen Welch, who was the subject of our first episode. This recording was made four years after Owen’s session and focuses on Virginia’s health concerns; as well as questions about how to deal spiritually with herself and other people. We are once again unsure as to who the actual channel is from this session though it is obviously the same person who channeled for Owen.

The question of whether it be Hugh Lynn Cayce from A.R.E. or Ray Stanford from A.U.M. is confounded by information revealed during the session. The conductor, Barbara, (the person who asks questions of the channel) reads from Virginia’s letter in which Virginia speaks of “The Source.” This is the name Ray Sanford gave to his entity which he said he channeled. This idea is flummoxed by a mention earlier in the recording when the channel gives instructions to contact the Association of Research and Enlightenment, which was Edgar Cayce’s foundation. Also, the location of the channel is given as Phoenix, Arizonia which was a location of an A.R.E. chapter. The mystery of the channel continues.

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  1. That is an real shame that they destroyed those things wow ,it was like artifacts.I wonder why they did ,was it an reason for doing this I question,?Interesting ,I thought this had to be some kind of doctor with medical background,And in Arizona because all I would do was art I was told to go to Arizona to live,that is were I belong.this was when my grandmother was alive and had an lot of influence over me and my future ,but I was not ready to do it are able due to and rebelled like most kids did ,I was born half deaf and was just an artist and didn’t want to do anything but that ,but had no support system I then lost my whole family on that side in one year ,one after the other ,I then started seeing them and well you can guess the rest what I was label as nuts so I never said any thing again about it.Thanks enjoyed ;listening to them since 1998 I had most of the hearing restored in my left ear as much as possible as they could do ,it changed me dramatically.For the best .

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