Episode 8 Medical File: UFO

Episode Eight: Medical File: UFO

As the reels crumble in my hands I am finally rewarded with a bit of ease and relaxation. I found a reel labeled “UFO 1952” and so the quest began. After digitizing the 64 year-old recording I found it to be almost unlistenable and yet I had clues! I scoured my files and the internet to track down the mysterious recording and it was indeed an old time radio show. Medical File was a radio show from the 1950’s and most of the episodes deal with murders and illnesses, yet one episode…this episode dealt with the phenomena of unidentified Flying Objects. The internet gods saw how I did not want to spend countless hours restoring my ancient recording so thankfully I was able to track down a great version for your ear-holes. So here for your enjoyment is the full, restored episode of Medical File: UFO.

Unending thanks to the work done by Wendy Conners in collecting and compiling hundreds of hours of UFO recordings. A great number of them can be found at https://archive.org/details/WendyConnors-UfologyAPrimerInAudio19471964Volume12ndEdit

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