Social Prize Giveaway Startup Review

  • August 29, 2016
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There is a new startup called Social Prize with a unique idea. Social Prize allows Sponsors/Advertisers to contribute $10 and promote the giveaway to their user base for a chance to win a daily cash prize. Sign up at Social Prize today:

What is Social Prize?

“Normal giveaway or sweepstakes SaaS ask you to design and develop your own Giveaway. You pay for the prize on top of paying them! Social Prize is a crowd funded Sweepstakes. Meaning, Sponsors, like you, contribute $10 per day toward the Prize. We host and administer the entire sweepstakes. All you do is promote and grow your list. What’s more, most sweepstakes by nature prohibit sharing, because no one wants to share the contest and lower their chances of winning. “Viral” contests are different. Contestants are incentivized to share the contest for extra entries. This creates a viral loop that can quickly help you build a massive email list. When subscribing to your newsletter, what better way to say thank you than offering up the opportunity to win cash? What’s more, Social Prize lets you give everyone who enters a freebie, maybe a coupon for 20% off, a free ebook, or access to a webinar.”

Why run a giveaway?

“Most people love giveaways, getting something for free. They’re fun and they show your community you care about their support. In return, your community will grow! And Social Prize makes this process the easiest and most effective because we manage everything and our prize, given daily, is a large cash sum (oh, that we pay for, not you…for only $10 per day – giveaway up to $5000).”

Benefits of using Social Prize

– Grow your e-mail list. See your new email subscribers in real time. Download all the names and emails of contestants in CSV. Coming soon. Aweber and Constant Contact integration.

– Promote viral giveaways that generate leads. Gain Twitter followers and Youtube subscribers.

Social Prize

social prize review

Social Prize Video

This new startup is very useful for anyone looking to gain new subscribers. In the past I’ve run a giveaway and they are a lot of work. Letting a professional company like Social Prize manage your giveaways makes sense.


Support JB&I Show San Diego California

  • August 26, 2016
  • Crowdfunding
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Here’s another Patreon member would like to bring to our reader’s attention. They call themselves the JB&I Show and are based in San Diego California. If you would like to support their campaign visit:

What is the JBI Show?

They talk about everything from movies to games to TV shows and books. They even have special giveaways on holidays. The JB&I Show is looking to do more for the audience they love. The issue the JB&I Show is running into is that that they all work full time. If the show were able to rise enough money monthly they would switch and do the show full time.

What is their Patreon goal?

The goal of the JB&I Show is to raise $865/month which is very reasonable. The min. pledge starts out at only $1.00/month.  With this money their mission is to “raise enough money to pay the crew and cast.”

What future milestones does the JB&I Show want to accomplish?

Travel: 200.00 monthly

Accessing different venues around the area, moreover, the state: 1,500.00 monthly

Paying crew and talent: 800.00 plus monthly

Editing and software: 2,500.00 monthly

Equipment and upgrades: 3,500.00 monthly

Rent a Studio: 7,500.00 monthly

Food for our guest: 500.00 monthly

Repairs and easy upgrades: 800.00 monthly

The JB&I Show needs your help! Visit them on Patreon today for more information.


Dive Underground With Pokango

  • August 26, 2016
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Looking for a new game to try out this summer? Dive into the world of the underground with Pokango. Download Pokango for both PlayStore or AppStore.


Pokango objectives: Dive underground and eat as many ladybugs as you can, avoiding the evil pangolins. The game developers say that Pokango will improve your reflexes and is suitable for all ages.

Current rating: 5 stars


Pokango3 Pokango1

Pokango logo:

Pokango Logo

If you are looking for something fun and obviously very unique you might want to try out Pokango.

Turn Passion Into Full Time Career With Patreon

  • August 26, 2016
  • Crowdfunding
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This week I’d like to spotlight another Patreon member looking to turn his passion as a streamer into a full time career. With your help and the Patreon platform username Weirdzone2099 is looking to raise $4,100/month. So far that number is $0.00, needs your help.

Weirdzone2099 streams primarily PC and also some console games. The streams are being posted on YouNow. For those of you who don’t know YouNow is the “best way to discover talented broadcasters, watch live streams, and video chat live with people from around the world.”

Support him on Patreon:


If you don’t already have a Patreon account sign up literally takes minutes. Patreon artists and creators to make a living from their passions. The min. donation starts at only $1.00.


Help Patreon Dream Of Writing Children’s Books

  • August 12, 2016
  • Crowdfunding
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Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have helped countless people turn their product dreams into reality. What about the writers or artists? That’s where the crowdfunding site Patreon comes in. JustBo Books wants to create children’s books and needs your help doing so on Patreon.

For more information about JustBo’s campaign visit:

Patreon JustBo

His goal is $150/month and so far has $0.00 fulfilled of that amount. The minimum donation is only $1/month and one can cancel anytime.

His Story

“Hey I’m just Bo. I have always had a passion for story telling and struggled with writing. Combining the two I’ve found my calling in children’s books. My ultimate goal is to curb childhood illiteracy by working closely with local churches and schools.”

More than ever as a society we need to support the arts. Patreon is a great way to show your support to artist missions around the world. Please consider donating to Bo’s campaign at

Outfit7 New Game ‘Talking Tom Gold Run’

  • August 12, 2016
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Looking for a new video game to try out that’s available for almost every platform? You might want to try the new infinite runner ‘Talking Tom Gold Run’ from Outfit7. Outfit7 in case you don’t know is the company behind one of the top app franchises of all time – ‘Talking Tom And Friends’ with 4.5 billion downloads. The new game will immerse players in a way that goes above and beyond the routine of a runner mechanic game, giving players a reason to run. Stunning graphics and intricately designed worlds, boosters, and incentives let players experience an ongoing story through the eyes of Talking Tom and the gang.

Talking Tom Gold Run begins with a robbery, causing the player to run as fast as possible to retrieve the fallen gold bars, dodge obstacles and collect rewards. Each component of the game allows players to ‘Go for the Gold’ as they help Talking Tom and Friends build their dream homes. The game currently has seven worlds to unlock, including the city, woods, beach and more. As the completion of each character’s house progresses, new building upgrades, characters and running segments become available. “Talking Tom Gold Run draws the user in with an interactive storyline, top-notch graphics and iconic characters that users have come to know and love,” said Samo Login. “We guarantee the gamer will never get bored with so many unique worlds and segments to unlock.”

Talking Tom Gold Run

One of the best things about Talking Tom Gold Run is it’s available for almost every platform.

Download options: 



Windows Phone


The game is getting very high ratings and customers seem to be happy with their purchase. Try the Talking Tom Gold Run out today.

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