Mysteries to Solve

MysteriesSince each episode of Reel Lost is based upon a recording for which very little information is available we are calling on you the listener to help us solve some of the mysteries which are being brought forth.

As stated above there are very few facts which can be determined by the physical recordings, the mysteries are located within. What little is known about each reel is given during the introduction to each episode but it only upon the listening that the mysteries take shape.

As examples, in episodes 1 and 2 we are trying to figure out who is the actual Channel performing the channeling service in those episodes. Some of our guesses are included in the show’s description and the show itself; but it’s up to you to help us solve the mystery for sure. In episode 3 we are completely stumped as to what the recording actually is and who recorded it. Have you heard the voice before? Have you heard the phrasing before? The power of the internet is in your hands so get to work and help solve the wide range or ever growing mysteries.

Please feel free to comment on the posts on this website or on our Facebook page. Thank you for your help, now get sleuthing!