Episode 4 Jiddu and The Sleeper

Episode Four Jiddu and The Sleeper

These recordings are getting stranger and stranger. This week’s reel contains the shortest recording so far. Although these reels can hold up to two hours of information this specific tape has only about eight minutes of recorded sounds. This content starts after about 15 minutes of silence and seems to speed straight into, what I believe, is a recording of the Indian philosopher, author and speaker Jiddu Krishnamurti. The recording level of this portion is so distorted it took me repeated playings to figure out what was being said; I assume, and do not fault, most of the people who will skip over this part although it’s only two minutes long. Then there is an abrupt cut into what seems to be a woman talking to someone who is sleeping. It’s weird… real weird… and it ends in a somewhat terrifying manner and it comes out of nowhere so quickly that upon my first listening I dumped my coffee on myself. The remaining fifteen minutes of the reel are void of any other recordings.
Again, I have no idea what this is, but it’s pretty strange. Key times in this podcast are as follows. If you want to skip over the Krishnamurti lecture then go to 7 minutes, 13 seconds.  If you want to prepare for the ending of the recording start preparing for the sudden increase of volume at 12 minutes, 46 seconds.
More information on the teachings of Krishnamurti can be found at jkrishnamurti.org

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  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. That is creepy. The woman speaking is terrifying and ominous…I thought perhaps she was channeling and at one point is asked for clarification, but that’s a long shot. All I know is that I don’t want her talking to me when I’m asleep!

  2. I listened a second time ,it was a third person.around 9.14 in the room,very strange to hear.I dont really make out are what to think about the one part when it,s interrupted? Interesting.

  3. This was the second time listening to this,I had an strange reaction to it,I sorta fell asleep in it as I mention,but want get over what I remembered ,I was in an house my mother and aunt hey went to an card reader,I was scared and ask where are we going (extremely over protected child for reasons) I realized now that she was an fake but they gave her $20.00 I remember ,But when I was in the house I had an memory of being there in another time I could see the house and every thing in it,.like you been in a place in another time era .I thought this was odd I have never been in that part of town ,you just didn’t go there,I still remember it often,strange it came up listening to it it,I remember seances of sorts also,I just had to write this down,I have never told anyone ,this sounds so familiar,I,m not very knowledgeable on this.are the subject,I was very young to remember this, ,thank you.

  4. I’m not hearing a person yell, but it almost sounds like a metal chair being dragged across tile. Just a thought.

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