Episode 7 Group Hypnosis

Episode 7 Group Hypnosis

Did I fall victim to hypnosis?
No, but the person on the reel in this episode did.
I know it’s been a few months since the last episode so for that, I apologize. You’ll hear in this episode a brief little “hello” but more than anything I just wanted to get this episode out so the ball can start rolling again. You’ll also hear a tiny bit about the technical difficulties which are sure to happen when dealing with 50-year-old reels and the vintage machines that play them. I’m not too sure what is happening on the tape in this episode, as usual, but it did remind me of one of my favorite classic movies The Clairvoyant, (The Evil Mind), from 1934. I will not fault you for not listening to the entire reel as the quality is very poor but feel free to skip into the last few minutes to hear what I find to be fairly disturbing.

Extra special thanks go out to Matt, Grant, James and Julie who helped sponsor this podcast via their support through patreon.com/weirdlectures

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