Episode 3 He Knows All About You

Episode Three: Reel Lost

This is one of those times when you’ll really understand that I have no idea what is on these tapes. This episode seems to be either a hypnotic induction or a subliminal recording made to listen to while sleeping. Let me also say, it gets extremely creepy in my house at three in the morning, sitting alone listening to these recordings. Perhaps somewhere later down the road other upcoming tapes will reveal more information about this reel but until then we are left with only a very strange and not at all soothing voice alone, in the dark, repeating curious phrases, once lost and now found. He knows all about you. He is going to help you. He knows what to do and how to do it. He is your companion, teacher and friend. It is natural for you to have faith in He. He has power to help you. Watch and see what he does. He has the power to turn off your thinking.

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  1. I bet that would give you some seriously fascinating dreams. Especially when it got to the skin tingling and ecstatic pleasure bit. 😉

  2. It was actually quite soothing. His voice reminds me of those actors you saw in those old black and white films. Though he only refers to this entity as ‘he’ and ‘e’, it does sound religious in nature and meant as some kind of guided meditation. I found it different and soothing, not like my eyes are getting heavy, more like slower breathing and more focus on the pace and repetition of the phrases. Focusing on his words and tone just seem to put you in a relaxed, but alert state. Enjoyed it. Can’t wait for more.

    1. He is indeed saying “E” sometimes which leads me to think I understand what this actually is we are listening to but until I know for sure I’m keeping it a secret.

  3. The fact that he uses “E” many times is so interesting to me. With my limited knowledge, I’m trying to conjure up all cult leaders whose name begins with E. I keep coming back to Scientology mind control and erasing negative images from the mind with the E-meter…

    1. I think you’re on the right track. As I looked at the time period this particular recording comes from, early 1950’s, it is the same period of time when Hubbard moved from Dianetics to Scientology and began working with E-Meters. I believe some more information will be revealed as I recover some of these lost recordings.

  4. Wow ,The “He can make you tingle” got to me creepy,with most of my classes in psychology background suggest to me the repeat of the phrases well it takes and I,m rusty at this, but so many minutes of repeat for something your trying to remember to stick in the memory banks, to me it sounds hypnotic at the least ,mind control? Like you said the intent? Probably was exactly that ,I agree ,yea and who was ,on the one tape I heard an third person in the room,on tape Sleeper so I think just guessing it was more than just him and who he was talking to in this one if anyone,maybe an tape to be used, for that purpose.

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